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Prepaid Funerals

When arranging a Prepaid Funeral with Memories there are certain requirements that must be met for legal purposes.

As an independent Funeral Director we must use a third party company such as Safehands or Avalon these are trusted within the industry to take care of all funds paid into any prepaid policy.

This secures any funds paid into a trust thus protecting it for the future. This makes sure that if the Funeral Director for any reason were to close your policy is still safe and could be transferred to any Funeral Director of families choice.

The family would speak to a member of staff at Memories to dictate what their wishes were for the actual service on the day.

Things to think about :-

  • Type of service religious or non-religious.
  • Where cremation or burial is to take place.
  • Traditional which includes hearse plus limousine
  • You may require horses and carriage.
  • Things you may want said or done on day, this can be set out in advance for minister or celebrant to conduct.
  • Certain flowers.
  • Music for entering, during and exiting service.
  • Donations to a charity of your choice.

Please get in touch or call 0161 302 9753

Designed for those wanting to secure the greatest possible protection against funeral expenses, Safe Hands inclusive plans not only guarantee the Funeral Director’s services, but they also include an allowance towards disbursements/3rd party fees.

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Please get in touch or call 0161 302 9753

All of Avalon’s plans guarantee to fix the cost of your Funeral Director fees at today’s prices, with an allowance for third party costs, starting at just £17.76 per month for a Cremation Only plan.

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Please get in touch or call 0161 302 9753

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