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Our phones are on 24 hours a day and we are happy to take a call from you as soon as you are ready, whatever time of day or night. We have a section on the website here which gives more information about what to do next, when someone dies at home and how to register a death. If you need any further information, please do call us on 0161 302 9753.

The reason is, at Memories Funeral Services we keep our overheads down without effecting the quality of service, this allows us to pass the benefits of money savings onto the families we have the privilege to look after.

We’re not. We offer a respectful and dignified service as do most other Funeral Directors, the difference with us is that we are totally transparent with all costs and charges making it fair for families. We have worked within the industry for the past ten years and have had the pleasure of looking after over two thousand families.

Families are of course allowed to conduct the service these days. We are here to help throughout the service providing support and guidance. The main thing we can ever say to a family is, however they want to celebrate their loved ones passing.

Memories Funerals does not dictate to families but, work and assist them to have the service they want at the time and Crematorium of their choice for their loved ones. Unlike most Funeral Directors we cover every crematorium within the North West of England.

Memories Funerals work with families and the DWP at this difficult time. We are also here to work if needed with the British Legion, but families must remember that we do need confirmation from the above for the service to take place. This is because all costs must be paid in advance to your local Crematoriums and if families were refused funds after the service the Funeral Director would have no way to recoup the costs already paid. We just aim to be transparent and fair.

If your loved one passes away at home, it is important to remain calm. If the death has been expected, the doctor who has been treating your loved one should be contacted, providing they have seen the doctor within the previous 14 days of their death. The doctor will either attend to confirm the death or will give permission for your loved one to be transferred into the care of Memories Funeral Services. If the death has not been expected you will need to contact the GP of your loved one, they will then visit your home address to confirm the death and issue the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death. Call Memories on 0161 302 9753 and we will take over the care of your loved one.

The people closest to your loved one have a legal obligation to register the death. This can be done by; any immediate family or next of kin, a family member who was in attendance during your loved ones illness, a family member living in the area of which the death of your loved one occurred, any person who was present at your loved ones death, the person arranging your loved ones funeral.

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